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( Jun. 22nd, 2011 07:47 am)

Of Something Positive today is the line that starts with "Well, technically..."

But it's nice to have scientific validation: Humans May Have a 6th Sense After All.

This is the sense we named "space" for lack of a better name.

Yes, yes, we suck at naming.

We've developed exercises to increase the reliability and use of this sense(and 3 other senses we've isolated - come on science, catch up with us and give us the scientific proof for them!).

One thing I love about Numenism is how we explore and research on an amateur level things that eventually become validated by science.

Sometimes (not near often enough, but enough to make us happy), when we dig deep into the researchers behind the discoveries, we learn that one of the people involved in the earliest stages was exposed to Numenism in some form.

I know - we didn't have a huge influence, but we sparked an idea, and the person in whom it sparked had access to the tools and skills and knowledge to run with it. We can't prove that it was exposure to one of our stories or Celebrations or on-line posts or comments at a party or impromptu Moosemas or casual conversation while waiting in line somewhere actually did anything. Still, finding that intersection and following the pattern ripples from it gives us some satisfaction that our ideas, the things we did that were once "out there" have scientific explanations and proof.

Numenism is all about validation, documentation, and supporting evidence for as many things as possible. For some of that, we've had to accept that we didn't yet have the technology to verify what we discovered, but we had anecdotal evidence among ourselves that - for example - the 4 unused senses we found and developed were real and really worked and we could apply those exercises to people who weren't Numenist and they'd increase their control and use and awareness of the sense and be able to reliably use it.

This is what we were hoping for when Numenism was first created - a religion that relied on verification, scientific validation, documentable and reproducible proof, and applicability regardless of belief.

For us. Belief was only a starting point, not the end.



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