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Location:Oklahoma, United States of America
I am an Elder in the Numenous Way, a modern religion created for modern times. I get to laugh at my co-adherents because they aren't net-savvy. The internet is modern, but they just haven't caught up yet. They say. But I'm online, so I get to be one voice for Numenism. I think this blog will be the Numenous Blog.

In addition to being a Numenist, I am a prolific published author of employee handbooks and training manuals, a podcaster, and an unpublished writer of science fiction, with occasional forays into poetry and filk.

I talk about a large variety of things and have strong opinions on all of them. I do my research and can support my positions with facts and eloquence. I am a very vocal veriloquist and fight censorship of any words. We need our vocabulary, all our words, even if some people abuse them.

I speak up for a variety of causes and do a bit of volunteer work. I run a tiny charity I call "Food Forever" that teaches people how to wildcraft, cache garden, and stash foods so no one needs to go hungry. I do occasional search and rescue work, and open up Blue Moon Keep as a temporary shelter in times of disaster. I am a staunch supporter of locavorism and veriloquy. I am outspokenly anti-war, but my target audience are the politicians who got our people into this mess. I support our soldiers, considering three of my children are among them. I am a vocal advocate of disaster preparedness and self-sufficiency. I am a strong advocate of abortion and reproductive rights and responsibilities. I am a strong supporter of our US Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Amendments as they stood on August 1, 2001. I also talk about my kids, my pets, the pets of friends, friends, my gardens, house repairs, politics, dolls, costuming, herbs, cooking, schooling, education, nature crafts, fairies, elves, dragons, Sculpey stuff, the furries, Otherkin, and shoes.

I am deliberately fat because being thin almost killed me. Fat has also protected my bones from some pretty bad breaks - all that lovely cushioning. I'd rather be fat and alive than thin and dead. Besides, being fat gives a weight to my words they never had when I was thin.

Itzl is my service dog - a long-haired chihuahua who helps me with hearing loss problems. I'm not deaf, but my hearing was irrevocably damaged in the Murrah Bomb and there are things I can't hear (like when more than one person speaks to me, or hearing at all when there's a lot of other noise around, and electronic things like phone rings, sirens, warning beeps, alarms, and doorbells).

Itzl is usually on the job when he's in my lap, my arms, or his dawgie bag, or on my desk. If he's on the ground, he's off-duty (mostly because he's doggie blogging). If he's off-duty, please wait until he's finished posting before trying to play with him.

Size and species isn't as important as ability. So remember that when you see someone with what appears to be an unusual pet, it may actually be a service animal hard at work.

If you disagree with any of these things, you probably won't like reading my LJ.

About My Journal

Here, I offer only my personal experiences and opinions on Numenism. I've studied Numenism for more than 40 years, beginning with the founders. I've been student, Celebrant, Priest, Minister,and now Elder. While I've had an inordinate amount of influence on the development and direction of Numenism, it truly is a customizable religion - very American.

I would like for each of you to decide for yourself, to do your own research. Don't just take my word for it, although, if you want, you can. Just don't blame me if I made a mistake - please notice the copious typos and poor grammar - even though English is not my native language, it is my primary one, and I still mess it up. If that's not some sort of indictment on my opinions, and you still want to take my word for it - on your head be it.

Doubt my data all you will, I won't be offended if you seek second opinions. In fact, I urge you to do so.

I will be offended if you call me names or cast aspersions upon my character. If you must call me names, please be so kind as to do so where I'm not likely to find out. I don't google my name, so feel free to say what you will.

Reading List Policy:

If I stumble across a blog (and that's usually how it happens) and like what I read, I will place that journal on my Circle. You are not obligated to add me to your Crcle. If you want me to remove you from my Circle, tell me, and I will do so. I will not remove someone else from my list because you don't want me reading them.

I will never ask someone to place my journal in their Circle. Either my writing interests you or it doesn't. You may freely place me in your Circle or remove me at any time - no explanations or permissions needed.

If you place my journal in your Circle and later remove my journal from it, I will assume it's because your interests have changed. It won't upset me if you change your mind. You don't need to tell me about the removal - I add folks often enough to notice changes.

Full Disclosure

No one pays me to speak up or shut up. Everything on this blog is my personal opinion, filtered through the lens of me. I am not paid to endorse or trash anyone's products on this blog. If I endorse or trash something it's because I like or hate it.

My interpretations of the news and world events are filtered through me and my personal experiences and are not to be construed as objective or even necessarily as informed. Sometimes, the thoughts I post about current events are ones that I want to remember - spur-of-the-moment reactions and feelings, not deeply-thought-out analyses. Those deeply thought out analyses rarely make it on-line, so what you get here are the knee-jerk reactions.

I may do some research to satisfy myself - if it doesn't satisfy you, then go look it all up yourself. Google is but a click away, and the library isn't that hard to get to, and newspaper archives are accessible, and so on. You have at least the same access to the information as I do, and maybe more in some cases.

Any footnotes, substantiation, and so forth are offered for my personal reference so I can remember where I got, and not for you to check up on me to see if I'm telling the truth.

Linking Policy

Most of my posts are public. That means anyone can read them. Anyone can comment. Exceptionally rude comments may be deleted (haven't had any, so I haven't had to consider this). Anyone can link to any post. I retain copyright over my writings, the ones which aren't mine are usually quotes which have attributions. Please keep those attributions if you quote them. Consider it under a Creative Commons License.
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