So, McCain is flip-flopping, and it seems no one cares?

In 2008, McCain voted against a bill that would have banned waterboarding as an interrogation technique - in spite of massive American protests against our country becoming a country that condones torture (I was among the many who wrote to protest it, marched to protest it, and was thoroughly ignored) and in spite of his own spoken position that he believed waterboarding was torture. He flip-flopped then, and he's flip-flopping again.

Now, he says waterboarding and other forms of "enhanced interrogation techniques" did not lead to the location of bin Laden or his death - that we Americans tortured all those people for nothing.

I have never approved of torture as a means of collecting information. I've spoken up against allowing our citizens (uniformed or not) to torture anyone in the pursuit of gaining information, and now I feel slightly vindicated and sick that I was right.

The sick comes from feeling I should have done more, said more, written more emails and letters and articles, protested more. And yet, would it have done any good? That is what feeds the sick feeling. No matter how loudly I spoke, how often, would it have mattered? Would anyone have listened to me?

Our politicians have stopped listening to us, their employers and constituents.

Is tere any way we can use this to make them listen to us once again? The way they are supposed to? They are supposed to represent us, to be our voice - and for too long, we've let them think we vote for them because we want to hear their voice override ours.



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