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( Mar. 17th, 2011 07:54 am)


I am saddened by this because I know I shall probably fall victim to this because I have no way to verify my citizenship status in the US that would satisfy people like this. A great many US citizens will be falsely accused of being illegal immigrants and shipped to countries they've never been to with zero assets to start over.

I've written my legislators, and like the Wisconsin legislators, they aren't listening to their employers (us, the voters).

We did not put legislators in charge, we selected them to speak for us - that's what a representative government is - a selection of people to represent the voice of those who selected them.

Many of our legislators are being heavily influenced by corporations and agencies that can't vote for them, and ignoring their constituents, because face it, even though our tax dollars pay their highly inflated salaries, in general we are too poor to have the kind of big bucks and connections that will make the legislators wealthier and more powerful.

We do still have our vote.

More than ever, we need to make that vote count because it's the only way we can control the legislators.

My recommendation is to vote against anyone who is spending a lot of money on their campaign because they obviously didn't get it from their constituents. They are getting that money from people and corporations that can't vote but can control them. The more money they spend on their campaign, the less likely they are to listen to the voters.

Of course, voting for the penniless campaigner may open a new can of worms - they may be too inexperienced to deal with the power and threats and temptations offered by Big Bucks.

Maybe it's the person who goes door to door and talks to their constituents, that sets up easy ways for the voters to contact them, that opens channels of communication and demonstrates that they are listening and actively working for the people in their district that we should vote for.



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