"...who recommends volunteering at for-profit firms"

"Working for free can help job seekers make contacts, learn new skills and get hired when hiring freezes lift, he said."

The problem with this - and I dealt with it myself before dumping it - is that the employer will not hire someone who has worked for free for them, and having worked for free for a for-profit business makes future employers wonder why they should pay you, so they don't hire you.

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( Jan. 7th, 2011 09:34 am)

My Page-a-day calendar at work is "Maxine" (usually it's the "Cute Overload" calendar but I couldn't find one this year in the after New Year's sales), and today's "Maxine" is about age having its advantages, but she couldn't remember what they were.

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( Jan. 7th, 2011 10:23 am)

If I had $200 to spare for a single piece of clothing, I would spend it on this.

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No matter how offensive you find the behavior and words of a minor, you don't threaten to "take down" that minor.

Why? Because they are young and therefore by definition inexperienced, almost always egotistical, and often ignorant , the proper methods of dealing with them don't involve attacking them, "taking them down", or otherwise treating them as if they had the knowledge, experience, and skills to deal with such brutalizing.

Since Ms. Gifford claims to be so concerned about bullying, why is she contemplating a bully's tactics against a minor?

This boggles my mind.

There are so many more effective ways of dealing with this.

The first and foremost method is through the parents. I know, a tough one. The Palins have already demonstrated clearly that they're not an effective mother (I have absolutely no doubts about their love for their family, but come on - just look at what their children are doing) so I doubt this would do much good. Next up would be education - directing the minor's attention (and their friends' attentions, too - teens often run in packs) to the anti-bullying campaign and the cause and effect such behavior has. Modeling the expected behavior (which means you don't bully a minor you are accusing of bullying) is also good, except I doubt minors would pay any attention to Ms. Gifford. Bringing in celebrities that minors follow and listen to might help. Taking the limelight away might work if the minor is wanting to gain attention.

there's more, but you get the drift.

Attacking a minor as Ms. Gifford says she will do is wrong, especially in light of her views about the anti-bullying campaign. And it doesn't matter if the minor in question is the child of a celebrity or not.

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( Jan. 7th, 2011 03:50 pm)

Pay no attention, just a few notes to jog my lamentable memory.

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