Tell me people are not so stupid that they believe Palin's version over the facts about Paul Revere? I know, Longworth's poem had slight inaccuracies, but they were nowhere near the range of Palin's outright disinformation. Longworth also had the distinction of being a poet and allowed to take liberties with the truth for the sake of art. Palin, as a person hoping to represent our country, perhaps even in our highest possible office, needs to either not make such outrageously and provably false statements, and is she does speak on the fly without verifying her facts, she needs to learn to apologize and correct her mistakes rather than insisting she is right and documented history is wrong.

She's misstated the history of Ellis Island and the immigrants there, and far too many more to list here.

I'd like to see a woman as president of the US, but I want one who is intelligent, capable, well-educated, diplomatic, well-spoken, community-oriented, and in tune with all Americans, not just a cherry-picked demographic of "everything you say must be true because you said so!".

I want a president who understands what a fact is, and knows what a theory is, and can tell the difference between truth and truthiness, who can separate fact from thought.



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