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([personal profile] talon May. 9th, 2011 10:10 am)


It's bad enough that I'm not allowed to fly - and what a pain that was going to my son's wedding half a continent away. What should have been a 2 day trip became a grueling 7 day journey by car - now they want to take away my ability to take train trips?

If they keep this up, soon I will be left with going on foot!

I'm already limited to attending conventions where I can travel by train or car in about 10 hours. Trains go farther and faster, giving me a slightly wider range. If our government takes train travel away from me, I'll only have SoonerCon and FenCon.

That's not the reason why I want to do OctopodiCon, but it is certainly a compelling reason to proceed with it.



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