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( Jun. 17th, 2011 10:11 am)


"when business travelers see well-behaved babies, they should point it out to the parents with a compliment." I don't think so. I want other people to keep their opinions to themselves. I don't want strangers approaching me and my children and telling us how well behaved they are - I want them to keep far, far away and leave us alone. I would prefer they ignored us completely. I don't want them sticking their nose into my private affairs and time with my children. I taught them to behave and be quiet in public and I don't want our peace destroyed by some jerk who thinks I need to be told, loudly and repeatedly, the obvious; to butt into my conversation with my children to tell us they approve of us - I don't want or need their approval.

I want people to just stay away and stop ruining things for us.

They show their approval quite nicely by leaving us alone.

I've discovered in many instances that the only time people feel compelled to tell me how well behaved my children are is when they want me to compliment them on their observational skills and to stroke their petty little egos, disrupting my happy times with their neediness.

If you like how my children are behaving, look the other way. Leave us alone. If you must display some sign of approval, do so from a distance with a slight head tilt should I happen to glance your way, or possible with a smile.



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