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( May. 19th, 2011 09:00 am)

I am not a believer in Doomsday prophecies.

That said, I live my life as if every day is both the very last day of my life and the very first day of the rest of my life.

I keep my affairs in order, my debt low, and an inventory of all I have so if I die and no one else does, whoever has to deal with my estate (such as it is) just needs to follow the step-by-step instructions I left behind. If everyone in the world dies at the same time, there won't be anyone to follow the instructions and that's OK because there won't be anyone to be the recipients of all that stuff.

And if the doomsday passes without the world ending - I will still have a life and the things I need to live it comfortably and happily.

And all of that said - when a doomsday prophecy gets really huge - like the one that is predicted for this Saturday, my instincts are to play with it.

Not, mind you, with the people who sincerely believe the world will end then. They have my respect for committing so deeply to their beliefs. I just don't happen to share them. And since the core group of believers is far, far away, I can indulge in my whimsy.

Of course, I'll probably get in trouble, but hey, you're never too old to do silly, crazy, funny things.

I am going with a group of people and we are going to arrange clothing we got at the thrift stores and garage sales on sidewalks as if people had been pulled up to the heavens right from where they stood - shoes, stockings, undies, outerwear...purses and wallets and all the trappings. We're using discarded invalid IDs and adding pocket and purse things to make it seem more real. And most of these will be placed near churches and parks because around here, those are the places mostly likely to have sidewalks.

Since it's supposed to happen at 6 pm, we'll arrange them around then.

And then we'll take pictures and clean up.

And because we're equal opportunity pranksters, we'll include dog leashes and collars and even a few dog T-shirts or bandanas. Maybe a few cat collars, too.



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