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( Apr. 28th, 2011 10:20 am)


I love Jewish food. The kugels, the knishes, the latkes, the chicken soup, cholent, blintzes, stuffed cabbage, knaidel, kreplach, lokshen, bagels, holishkes, borchsht, meatloaf, matzoh balls, pollo frito, and even the herring in cream sauce.

I suppose a lot depends upon how you cook them. Most of these dishes are Germanic/Russian, and it takes a light hand, specific techniques, and some skill to present a delicious dish. These are not fast food dishes. They take time, and if you rush them, they will not turn out well at all.


Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, said minorities earn less than white people because they don't work as hard and have less initiative.
"We have a high percentage of blacks in prison, and that's tragic, but are they in prison just because they are black or because they don't want to study as hard in school? I've taught school, and I saw a lot of people of color who didn't study hard because they said the government would take care of them."

Words fail me that someone can be so blatantly cruel and clueless in this day and age.

I don't know who keeps voting for her because she's never had my vote, not ever. And no one I know in our district votes for her. And yet, she keeps winning.



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