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( Feb. 10th, 2011 12:29 pm)

I have a friend - well, it's been about 30 years since I saw him last but we were friends back then - who is in some sort of trouble.

I know this because he had someone call me (unless it was a prank call, and I can't imagine him making a prank call like this unless he's changed a lot in 30 years) and tell me he was in county lock up on a misdemeanor charge (probably speeding or parking tickets if he hasn't changed much in 30 years), and this person wanted me to call Blond Bond Is a Better Bond in Pueblo, CO.

Unfortunately, this bond service's phone goes straight to voice mail and the inbox is full so it hangs up on you.

As I am not in Colorado, I can't check it out and don't know of any other bond services in Pueblo I could call that might help him. I have no idea what his bond would be (if it's traffic tickets, it's probably the amount of his fines plus a bit for processing unless CO is different from OK).

I have no clue why he called me instead of his wife, unless he's not married any more. And even then, I'm sure he has more recent friends to call rather than dredging up someone from his distant past who lives in a different state.

Unless he has calls out to everyone he knows and hopes one of us will manage to get through to the Blond Bond service. Apparently, they are hard to reach.

Still, I am at a loss as to what to do. I've never been on the criminal side of prisons and bonds and things and don't know anyone who has - my nephews and niece don't count because I've never had to bail them out - that's one of the things their father did for them. Of course, he's also the one who drove them into being criminals, so I guess it's only right he bail them out.

I know how to take care of myself when it comes to law enforcement (avoidance is the best thing, pleading silence and asking for a lawyer are second best, calling old friends is way down the list). I know how to help others avoid legal entanglements. I have the ability to post my own bond or a bond for my family members, should that ever be necessary. But helping someone in another state?

It puzzles me what I can do for this poor guy. If I'm truly the only person he could call, I wouldn't want to fail him. Being in a different state and not knowing a thing about rescuing people from prison is not making it easy, not to mention the fact that I truly can't post a bond for someone 30 years out of the past, not this month. Next month, yes, I could do it. But last month was car repairs that ate a large part of my overflow and this month was a plumbing emergency, tires, a fender-bender, and an abscessed tooth that took not only all of my overflow out of my cornucopia but dug into the main filling. Next month will see the cornucopia refilled and a bit of overflow again, and the month after will expand the overflow, so next month, I could help.

Once he's out of jail, I don't know what his bond terms would be or what his financial situation is. Is he still married? Why didn't his wife help him if he is? I know he used to own a house in Nebraska. Does he still? Is he employed or did this brush with the law end that? I know he gets a small disability check from the military. Does he have transportation? He used to love cars and drove little sporty models. Does he still? Was his incarceration because of traffic tickets or a domestic situation?

If he were here in OK, I could help him in a heartbeat. I'd know these things. I'd know what I could do to help him and I could work with his wife (assuming he's still married). And thinking of all this - why didn't he call his son? He's got a son in his 30's. I don't remember the boy's name, or where he lives or anything, but I do know he had a son from his first marriage. His second marriage was childless, and he has step kids from his 3rd marriage (or maybe it was his 4th?) and last I heard, he was married with kids.

So, where's the wife? Why call me?

:::Utterly puzzled.::::

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( Feb. 10th, 2011 12:56 pm)

Honestly, I don't.

But I want it.

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So, I heard directly from him (cost me $10 in LD charges).

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