Like many other things Obama has done, he made this look too easy.

Saturday night, at the White House Correspondents Dinner, he joked that Trump's reality show decision was the sort of choice that would keep him up at night, and all the while, he had made a decision that was far more gut-wrenching than who to kick off a reality show. You couldn't tell by the ease with which he lounged during the dinner, or the wide smiles and easy joking that he knew what momentous and pivotal event was occurring - by his command - on the other side of the world. You couldn't tell that he was staking America's future on one act with only a handful of people. You couldn't tell that he was staking his own political future on that same act.

And you probably don't realize the incredible degree of timing it took - because May 1, 2003 - 8 years ago to the day - is when Bush flew the "Mission Accomplished" sign and declared that we'd won.

Obama didn't take the easy route, either. He wanted proof that bin Laden was dead and he wanted to reduce any civilian costs. So he took the riskier route, the one that could have cost him a country and a future, the one that reduced the number of deaths to only those that couldn't be avoided.

Instead of engaging in a theatrical and over-the-top publicity stunt, Obama made a solemn speech from the White House, and not once did Obama say or imply that it was "Mission Accomplished".

Because Obama made it look easy, and did things in a calm, understated fashion, his detractors will say - some are already saying! - that it was Bush who accomplished bin Laden's death, the same Bush who dismantled the teams searching for bin Laden in 2006 because he didn't "know where he is" and didn't "spend that much time on him" since we hadn't "heard from him in a long time." (Yes, the quotes are taken a bit out of order, but it all says the same thing. I haven't twisted Bush's meaning at all. That remains unaltered.)

So much of what Obama did in these past few days takes on a greater significance. It's possible that Obama released his long form birth certificate as a distraction so people wouldn't look too closely at other things he was doing. Certainly his behavior at the WHCD Saturday night was a distraction. Who would have guessed (other than Sean Meyer) that the burdens of being President weren't as easy as Obama makes it look?

It sheds new light, too, on the old campaign ads of McCain's where he said, "It's 3:00 am and the phone rings. What would Obama do?" Now we know what Obama did when that phone rang.

He staked his Presidency on doing the right thing.

I hope no one forgets this.



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